I AM a street performer, traveling all around the world, now in Tokyo, Japan.
It is really sunny today, there are lots of people on the street.
Actually, I'm just surprised at number of people in Tokyo!
where are they going to?
BY the way, let me tell you what I'm trying to do by the performance.
Usually in the place like metro, people walk so fast, they don't pay any attention to me. they look busy at job, studies, or other own business.
They may walk having something on their mind.
I understand, life is troublesome, anyway.

But I like pleasing people.
some might say how it benefits to society concretely.
well, but this is not so important.

If people get even slight happiness and cheerful mood by my performance,
then I get contented with it. It gives enormous energy to me.
My performance might make people forget their worries, then get light mind.

I'm just doing what I can do. What I believe.
That is the point.

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