Akihabara girls carry portable shirine(Mikoshi)!
Last weekend, I happened to see this weird collaboration between
Akihabara Meid Girls and Japanese Portable shirine.
This event is carried out to focus on regional developments of
Akihabara city. in few days, there will be the KANDA Festival,
which is one of the biggest festivals in Japan.
During this period, lots of events will be held.
Especially, lots of Mikoshi will be carried with people and paraded
throghout Kanda district(Metro Ginza line or JR line).

Right before this major event, local volunteer group planed this
Akihabara Mikoshi project, called "Lets carry AKIBA".
On the day, some girls dressed in Meid costumes carried special
miniture shirine, which is decorated with lots of Akihabara goods
such as Anime or Manga figures(dolls) and electric products
like colorful mobile phones.
They walked carrying Mikoshi through Akihabara city to Kanda Shrine.

Now, Akihabara truely forms an alliance with traditional Shintoism...!(?)

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