KYOTO - our old capital.
here are the photos taken in Nov, 2008 when I've been there last time.

lots of people come to this town every year to see and feel old Japanese Culture which has been kept just like as ancient time.
I always feel that, time goes so slowly in Kyoto, not that fast, rush in Tokyo.

Where to breathe in - many people face with this common question.
could be in your hometown, city, or somewhere in overseas.

One of my Russian friends told me,
" St.Petersburg is a very beautiful city where you can feel old Russian day, which is like Kyoto in your country."
Then she continues,

" Compared with it, I don't like Moscow that much. It is something like a huge village. people of all sorts and conditions are gathering. Sometime not comfortable to be there...it makes me tired. "

it was a really interesting contrast.
Compared with calm Kyoto, TOKYO is something like

"concrete jungle", -often said so.

People work, work , work, then always run onto the train. then again get jammed in the car, but still try reading books or typing on their mobile phones.. Tokyo is described in this way frequently.
but I want to say it is only small fraction of the city.

Still, we find place to enjoy cherry blossom, greenery, and even beautiful shrines/temples just in centre of the capital...it is kind of, own oasis.

where you breathe in-
is the place you can always make it more interesting and comfortable to live by yourself.

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