HOW do you decide the restaurant to have delicious dishes?
By internet, guidebooks, ....or your friends' reccomendation?
Usualy, restaurants and cafe have own menu put at the entrance.
But, do you think it's pretty good if you could check how dishes look like before you entre the restaurant?

then REPLICA FOOD fulfills your demand!
the photo below is one of them, often found on the streets in Japan.

it is said that this culture is very unique and originated in Japan. almost impossible to find anywhere around the world.
they are so close replica, almost similar to the real dishes.
the reason why this idea has been born, maybe because it is hard to put the real dishes outside at the entrance for a long time. They get worse and doesn't look tasty.
However, in this way, restaurants' managers can always try to attract guests passing by.
Because FOOD MODEL never get spoiled!

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