"PLEASE feel free to look around. there are lots of interesting
things here. We can make them cheaper, if you find favorite ones."
- The old couple welcomed me with smile.
This is an antiqueshop in Hongo.
The shop is totally jammed with various antique goods from different time.
The elderly couple are from Okayama pref.(next to Hiroshima), have established this Tokyo Branch 15 years ago. In addition to main store in Okayama, they have also Kyoto, Kobe Branch. Besides, they had also
London branch before. The shop is family run.
Look! This charming shop owner is 92-year-old!
It feels like traveling to another time to be surrounded by so many old things.
It brings a kind of nostalgia.
" You really like taking pictures, dont' you!? it is enough! "

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