THEY smell sooooooooo good!
In front of this neighborhood Japanese cake shop, there is always a long line waiting for these baked fish-shaped pancakes. This unique dessert is called "TAIYAKI"(Tai means sea bream, Yaki means to bake). Our popular dessert. I don't know whether young people often eat this now,though. Usually, bean-paste is filled inside pancakes. with cream or cheese is also tasty.

But please think deeply.., why are they fish-formed? they look really weird but cool.. Also there is an iron pan especially for baking them.
Maybe, because Tai(=sea bream) is a mascot of good luck in Japan. So people eat and enjoy them for good luck.

we often tend to walk without much attention on the street.
BUt there is always something new and interesting even in the
daily, familiar sight. what a beautiful thing..!

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  1. I wonder if they are simmilar taste with Russian pancakes?hmmm...

    we should also think of making pancakes of different shapes. The Cremlin`s star may be?...