Here is KASUGA.
Kasuga is the traditional residential district near Hongo area,
where Tokyo Univ. is located.
This shop - "Kingyozaka"(a slope of goldfish), is a goldfish seller established nearly 350 years ago.In the site, there are lots of aquariums filled with tons of beautiful goldfish! You can enjoy goldfish scooping and the fishing pond is also there. the shop has cafe,too.

People often keep goldfish in Japan.
One of our symbol of summer, I think.
It says that, originally it has been enjoyed by the aristocracy not by common people. Goldfish was too expensive and far from people's reach. Because it was really difficult to be bred. But after Showa era has come, it has become popular to all social classes. Viewing goldfish gives us peace and coolness. It really feels summer.

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