CULTURE downloaded spreads.
today, every single tune is in your reach through the internet.
everything you need. just whole gamut.

people download the culture from various countires around the world.
it might be amazing, but it might be surreal.
it says, today some people in Europe also fanatically
listen to Japanese rock music.
once Japanese developed a longing for Western music.
who could have ever imagined today's tide then?

we 're living in the downloaded culture.
it might be really surreal.



it's time for getting away from all of your business.
go outside and enjoy flickers of light in the town.

the park of night light.
at Roppongi, tokyo midtown.
I feel released when I see people enjoying their time after work.
it's not too bad to live in this city.




it feels like walking through a big showcase.

collect fragments of city-sights.

then you 'll find a little gallery there.

don't you think so?



a yawn of a cat

too monotonic, but too nostalgic.

the gentle ground found in Russia.
Ryazanskaya Oblast' 2005



we have several spots near the moat, such as Yotsuya,
Iidabashi, or Ichigaya(JR sobu-line).
The moat was originally the outer ward of Edo Catsle.
in this waterside area, always time goes so slowly.
there is a fishing pond near sta. Ichigaya, people enjoy fishing and
it is full of holiday mood.
here, you can escape from crowds and noises often seen in the centre.
we need a balance to live in this huge metropolis.


There is no news flash, no stock market, no weather forecast.
but a flood of advertising from UNIQLO.
they try attracting us in diverse ways.



TSUKIJI, the central wholesale market is the biggest fish market in Japan.
at Sushi bars and eat-in spaces around the market, you can enjoy
delicious and fresh fish at reasonable price.

when I was walking by one of SUSHi bars, I met a chef just
coming out from the shop. He was about to carry a huge head of
MAGURO(tuna) and tail fin to his shop to cook them.
the entire Maguro was more than 1 meter long.
it is not that big as Maguro actually.

after cutting up a whole Maguro, each part is used for various dishes.
but most of them are so good to eat as raw fish, ilke sushi.
Even the head part and the tail are ready to be cooked, eaten up.
it is so wasteful to throw them out.

when we have a meal, we say "ITADAKI-MASU".
Itadaku means to have, get, receive, or eat of course.
but it doesn't simply mean "lets's eat".
it shows the mind of modesty and expresses our thanks for other living.
we live eating other living's lives.
we have to appriciate of it and we are not allowed to waste it.
that is what people have thought since time immemorial..

-that's where the word "Itadaki-masu" comes from.



I saw the bride and groom riding on JINRIKISHA in ASAKUSA.
feels like going back to several
hundreds years ago.
in Asakusa, you can enjoy old traditional sights and sounds of Tokyo. There are lots of temples around, but the atmosphere itself is more like folksy and local, which I never feel in Kyoto.
air of Asakusa has power of the energetic people.



These are all straps for cell-phones with miniture food models!
Here is KAPPA-BASHI(near Tawara-Machi on metro ginza line), where
lots of special stores of cookware stand both sides of main street.
You can find anything for cooking here.
There are also several shops of Food Models for restaurants.
you can find these kind of straps, magnets and key-holders with
miniture food replica there. each of them costs around 10 USD.
It sounds bit expensive, but these food models are usually for display at
restaurants, so they are made by special plastic not to be deteriorated easily.

These days, Japanese girls like to have these kind of sweets-shaped
straps with them. They Look very funny but cute at the same time.
the concept of "CUTE" changes quickly in Japan.
people, especially young girls always seem to search something
new and original to make them look more cute and unique.
Uniqueness is the key, as I think.
they put much energy into this point.
So today, these sweets goods have succeed to capture girls' hearts.
In this way, new fashion is created.


I found the st. "HAPPY DRUNK PEOPLE" in ASAKUSA!
I exceptionally named it in this way, because
you can see people drinking from morning here.
lots of bars with red lanterns dangled. full of local color.

It was early evening when I walked through this st.
so people seemed to have pretty good feeling.