EVERY year, we have SAKURA Fes. near my office around this season.
"ARK HILLS" , a complex in AKASAKA holds this festival annually, because there are lots of SAKURA trees nearby. (Unfortunately, they are far from full bloom at the moment. )
Basically there are lots of office in the a complex, but cafes and shops,too.
The area is surrounded by greenery, and it makes us forget about restless working for a while.

THESE days, this kind of complex cities, which concern about environment are seen several spots in centre of Tokyo. The area is not only for shopping, but people can enjoy oasis in urban air, feel relaxed little bit. such as Roppongi Hills, Akasaka Sacas ..are also good examples as I think.
Roof gardens are getting popular,too.
maybe only people in narrow crowded capital could think of this idea?

By the way, I really like that people in Moscow often go their cottage in suburban green area on the weekend. In such way, they seem to swich from daily busy mind to relaxed and calm one.
They do have a knack! - that's what I thought.

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