I like to see people waiting in a line on platform.
especially standing in neat row like a photo above(at Yoyogi-Uehara on Odakyu line).
"IN A LINE" - is seen at busstops, stations, or every scenes in our daily life.

this is pretty ordinary thing to us, but i have realized it is our very unique character after I have lived in Moscow nearly 4 years ago.

There was almost nobody waiting in row at metro stations, bus-stops or other public places. i feel that is complete disorder at the very first time,
but i've begun getting used to it. Moreover, I've realized in that way, society still works, and it is quite OK.
(as well as in Beijing, Shanghai in China)

people tend to think that the society they 're belong to is the only and most common one if they keep living in the same place for a certain period.

but it's not true.
Common-sense in a society is not a common-sence in the neigbor society.
very simple, but sometimes easy to forget about it.

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  1. Oh yes, I so often feel the opposite when I have to rush for my life to get on a marshrutka in a rush-hour... I wish Russians were a bit more like the organized and orderly Japanese!!