THESE pieces of work are all done by dry- lacquer. this weekend, I visited an exbition of my cousin's husband in Yoyogi-Uehara, SHIBUYA.
They are both lacquer workers, based in KANAZAWA, capital of Ishikawa pref. Lacruer is familiar to us as lacquer-bowl often used for Miso-soup in our daily life. Also, it has been used for Buddha statues for many many years.

pieces of work above are all made by using Lacquer.

pretty interesting that all those lovely pieces were born by such an ancient technique, but they look modern,too.
taking over ancient method creates smth new.
(the area where the gallery located is quite calm, even not so far from the centre. Especially, there is a beautiful mosque! named Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Centre. great place to know Islam, see inside the mosque.)


  1. Greetings to your lovely and talented cousin and her husband, I remember them well ;) It is indeed surprising how Japanese manage to maintain their traditional culture and update it all the time. Ikebana, calligraphy, tea ceremony, even wearing kimono are still in vogue nowadays - that is great, you feel your culture in everyday life!

  2. Lilya!
    Spasibo za comments! pravda, ya vcegda dumau, takje kak ty dumaesh. no zhalko, shto ya sama ne zanimayus ikebana ili tea ceremony, ny, boobshe takie traditional things. but it is really good that thanks to my cousin and her husband, i can feel them very close to me. remember how wonderful Kanazawa is? :) it was fun to visit them with you!