v Japonii, kak v drugix mestax, risobat graffiti na stene zapresheno.
no, inogda mozhno naiti takie professionalinie graffiti v tsentre.
eti mozhno smotret na stene nedalko ot SHIBUYA sta.ya dabno eti zamechala, potomy, stho ya vcegda xodila v Univ. mimo eti pictures.
the animals painted on this wall does have unique atmosphere in whole, as if the "weired fairy tale" were unfolding on the corner of the sideway. could be illegal painting, but sometimes thiese kind of public art really entertain us on the streets.
Recently, a huge painting of Taro Okamoto(1911-1996), has been set on the wall of walk-through in Shibuya station.
Kind of..I really felt a sense of fun on this project!
He is a famous Japanese artist for his avan-garde paintings and sculpture.Setting it in open, public spaces such as Shibuya sta. enables us to enjoy art in daily life, indeed. it is said, that about 300 thousand people are using that pathway.
paintings could be enjoyed not only in museums, but more in public spaces, too.

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