AS I mentioned before, there is a beautiful mosque named "Tokyo Camii & Turkish culture centre" in Yoyogi-Uehara, Tokyo. I have been interested in this place since I was a student, because it seemed very unique to us and I didn't know there are many Muslems living in Tokyo then. According to a staff from Tokyo Camii, there are about 120 thousand Muslems living in Japan. Quite a lot than I expected.

Here is open to everybody, except for praying time.
it is said, that this mosque has been originally built in 1938 by Kazan Turks who had moved to Japan. the reason of their migration was foundation of Soviet Russia in 1917 and it made Turkish migrate to different areas of world. Then some of them also have made their livlifood here in Japan. the bidg was renovated in 1986, so it is nearly 20-year-old.

those who are praying here are business-men, students, or others from Islamic countires including Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Tukey and countries in central asia, too.
Japan is often thought as homogeneous country.
But I think it is changing with times for sure.

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