TODAY, I had my friend's wedding party in ZUSHI, known as a kind of seaside resort area near from Tokyo. It was raining hard in the morning, but it became bright and sunny when the reception started.

the ceremonial site is located inside the huge area with resort villas and there is even yacht basin! how wonderful if I could spend my weekends in such beautiful places and feel refreshed and relaxed..ZUSHI is only 1hour or so from the centre of Tokyo, then you can enjoy such lovely view.

couples often hold wedding ceremonies at Church here in Japan. there is also Shinto-style wedding, but fewer than at church as I feel.
some might say that even if they are not real christians,most of women prefer to hold the ceremony in resort area in romantic mood, not in solemn Shinto-style.

...whatever be the style of ceremony, always good to be in happy mood, and celebrate bran-new start.

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