nonstop SHANGHAI

starbucks everywhere

away from hometown
shanghai girl

laundry path
bamboo scaffold

Na proshloi nedele, ya sedzila v Shanghai. tolko 2-3 hours flight iz Tokio. Boobshe, tam esti absolute energiya lyudei i goroda comogo, kotoruyu ya ne bizhyu v Tokio! pravda ochen dinamichno razvibaetsa. i vce takoe, tolko ryadom s nami sushestbyet..
Last week, I have been to Shanghai.Right before the world exibiton in 2010, Shanghai is really getting lively.
there is absolute energy of people, which is never seen and felt in today's Tokio.
Shanghai is really on the move. Besides, it is interesting indeed, that all these things happen only next to us..

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