These are all straps for cell-phones with miniture food models!
Here is KAPPA-BASHI(near Tawara-Machi on metro ginza line), where
lots of special stores of cookware stand both sides of main street.
You can find anything for cooking here.
There are also several shops of Food Models for restaurants.
you can find these kind of straps, magnets and key-holders with
miniture food replica there. each of them costs around 10 USD.
It sounds bit expensive, but these food models are usually for display at
restaurants, so they are made by special plastic not to be deteriorated easily.

These days, Japanese girls like to have these kind of sweets-shaped
straps with them. They Look very funny but cute at the same time.
the concept of "CUTE" changes quickly in Japan.
people, especially young girls always seem to search something
new and original to make them look more cute and unique.
Uniqueness is the key, as I think.
they put much energy into this point.
So today, these sweets goods have succeed to capture girls' hearts.
In this way, new fashion is created.

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