TSUKIJI, the central wholesale market is the biggest fish market in Japan.
at Sushi bars and eat-in spaces around the market, you can enjoy
delicious and fresh fish at reasonable price.

when I was walking by one of SUSHi bars, I met a chef just
coming out from the shop. He was about to carry a huge head of
MAGURO(tuna) and tail fin to his shop to cook them.
the entire Maguro was more than 1 meter long.
it is not that big as Maguro actually.

after cutting up a whole Maguro, each part is used for various dishes.
but most of them are so good to eat as raw fish, ilke sushi.
Even the head part and the tail are ready to be cooked, eaten up.
it is so wasteful to throw them out.

when we have a meal, we say "ITADAKI-MASU".
Itadaku means to have, get, receive, or eat of course.
but it doesn't simply mean "lets's eat".
it shows the mind of modesty and expresses our thanks for other living.
we live eating other living's lives.
we have to appriciate of it and we are not allowed to waste it.
that is what people have thought since time immemorial..

-that's where the word "Itadaki-masu" comes from.

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